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Harvesting in CelestopeaLand Communities

Celestopea seeks to create land communities in rural land areas and transform them into beautiful little Edens exemplifying the ideals of Celestopea Earth stewardship and Celestine Light renewal and rejuvenation.
The Trinity Community of Light is currently in the planning stages for a choice piece of property in Northern California. Here is a description of the community foundations:
"We are now in the process of seeking to obtain a choice piece of land around 100 acres in Northern California where we can establish an organic, self-sufficient, artist community. Nestled in a protected valley, surrounded by picturesque, tall mountians and within an 1.5 hour drive of the ocean, the land has multiple existing homes and ranch structures as well as pastures, forests and abundant old irrigation rights for guaranteed year around sources of water.

We are currently accepting applications for this community from indivduals and couples, who can immediately bring talents or resources to the table to help us acquire the land and begin the community. If you have such resources and/or talents and are interested in possibly becoming part of this vibrant, multi-cultural community please go to our contact page and tell us a little about yourself and what talents, skills and other contributions you will bring to the community.
Our intentional community will be a sustainable, organic, vegetarian/pescatarian “living foods” community with an  emphasis on health, rejuvenation and longevity. Lots of fresh veggies and fruits, plus eggs, raw dairy products and ocean schooling fish will be the primary diet of the community.
We will also be alcohol-free, drug-free and tobacco-free, with the hope that everyone who desires to live in the Community of Light will value their body as a temple of God.
The Trinity Community will strongly encourage and support artists of all types and will be building community studios for many artistic and musical pursuits. We believe that there is an artist within each one of us, as this is the way God made us, even though many people go through life without ever discovering the artist within. We are dedicated to helping each community member reach their fullest potential in every facet of their lives, including their creativity.
We have several community industries planned for those who prefer an income from a more structured environment, and individual members or groups of members are also welcome to have their own eco-friendly businesses within the community. As an artist enclave, we hope to become a destination for people from far and wide to discover high quality, innovative art in a spectacular natural setting. Until the community businesses are up and running, all adult members will need to have at least $1500/mo. income from outside sources to help support themselves.
A primary enterprise at the community will be a natural healing and a health retreat that will offer people from faster paced, less healthy lifestyles an opportunity to slow down and relax in one of the most beautiful areas of the world, while receiving alternative healing treatments, gourmet raw vegetarian and pescatarian meals, hot spring therapies and a host of unforgettable experiences. We will also manufacture a few potent natural food and body care products.
We will utilize solar, wind and small hydro for electrical generation, with the intention that all of the buildings in the community will be completely off the grid for all of our electrical needs. The property does have utility service available as a backup. In earlier days the ranch received all of its electrical needs from a water wheel hydro plant in the river, which is still on the property.
Our community will have both full and part-time members. There will be a good generational mix of permanent members that will include families as well as single adults and couples without children. We expect an influx of temporary members from among college students in the summer. Part-time members who may live on the other side of the country or world and only visit for a 2-4 weeks each year are also welcome, and will still be part of the family of light and included in many community activities throughout the year from where ever they live. Even someone who is not a full-time live on the land member, but is committed to helping the community on a regular and consistent basis will be counted as a permanent member.
The community will be governed by the Council of Eleven, which will be men and women leaders who have been elected by the permanent members of the community. Seven seats on the council are reserved for members who live on the land year round and have lived the longest in the community.
In keeping with an off-the grid spiritual community of artists and would be artists, all new structures that are built will incorporate innovative and creative designs. Additionally, there will be a central, multi-purpose building where the adults will meet for continuing education classes, the children will meet for school, and will also serve as a place for meetings and social activities for everyone. There will be a community dinner at the multi-purpose building 6 nights a week where everyone shares the evening meal, social interaction and community planning and coordination.
To maintain the viability of the community, each adult member is asked to contribute 10% of their income and a minimum 10 hours of work in some capacity for the community each week, with additional hours needed during the early construction stages of the community. The minimal time and money commitment helps in building, equipment and material costs, and allows us to maintain the gardens and beauty of the community in a manner that keeps it as a piece of Heaven on Earth. The rest of your time is your own but you are certainly welcome to give more community hours or funding assistance if you wish.
The community is everyone’s idyllic home and the few hours we give to our common home each week is a synergistic endeavor. Working together on common property and buildings as well as sharing the loads for evening meal preparation actually gives each person a net gain in the time that they would otherwise have to spend if they had to maintain and prepare all these things individually for their own family.

As important as community time is, so too is time for each individual to have for personal reflection, meditation, artistic creation, or just having fun in this amazing mountain playland! The Trinity community is purposefully organized to minimize time required for community work and maximize time available for each person to pursue as they desire.
We believe in artistic expression, families, earth stewardship, community self-reliance, always seeking to gain new knowledge and learn new skills, a spiritual and moral foundation in the actions of our lives, and an atmosphere permeating the community that is supportive of personal growth and expansion."
If this resonates with you and you would like to further explore the possibilities of being part of this community, please contact us and let us know a little bit about yourself.
We look forward to hearing from you!"

"Have the audacity to imagine great dreams and the daring to make them reality. Today is the day and where you stand is the place to begin creating the fulfilling life you deserve."

~ Embrosewyn Tazkuvel, "22 Steps to the Light of Your Soul"

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