Celestopea Banner  The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
~Eleanor Roosevelt

Longevity in CelestopeaLongevity

Living extraordinarily long lives is synonymous with Celestopean lifestyle choices. Our goal is to extend the human life-span to at least double the current norm and be in a continual state of superior physical health and mental vitality. The reason for this is:

1. We only breathe pure air with elevated oxygen levels due to the proliferation of plant-life and waterfalls in our living and work spaces. Our buildings are built with non-toxic materials and we use toxin-free products that support our principles of exceptional health and longevity.

2. We only drink and bathe in pure "living" water that has been filtered through a reverse osmosis system and then put through a proprietary system that creates live enzymatic properties conducive to vitality and rejuvenation.

3. We eat "Living Foods" grown from our own gardens or garden-sea-domes which are freshly harvested each day. 80% of our food remains in a raw state but is prepared in ways that are delightful to the palette while still retaining the live enzymes that are critical for life extension and rejuvenating purposes.

4. We live stress-free lives with a 24-hour work week, which allows us to pursue our creativity and form closer bonds with our families and fellow community members.

5. We are grateful and give thanks for all that life has to offer. We carry joy, happiness and harmony in our hearts to create a balance in all areas of our lives.

6. Our lifestyle incorporates fun and games into our daily lives to recharge our batteries on a regular basis.

7. We exercise 6 days a week with a minimum of 1 hour per day for both strength and cardiovascular health. This is done individually or in group settings.

8. We spend time every day outside, communing with nature and basking in the healing brilliance of natural light, which are tonics to the body and soul.

9. We have strict habits of cleanliness to ensure a low germ atmosphere, thereby allowing our bodies to operate on an optimal level.

10. We have positive attitudes and face every challenge with renewed hope and expectation.

11. We live a lifestyle of balance, which does not include the use of addictive substances. We do not sanction the use of tobacco, alcohol, non-medicinal drugs or processed sugar, with caffeine only taken in limited quantities.

12. We use daily Positive Affirmations to assert a youthful image of ourselves, as well as confirming many other positive traits.

We believe that uniformity among ourselves in these areas is critical to create a new mass consciousness within our community that is radically different from that which prevails everywhere else. We believe that a new consciousness is an essential beginning, as many of the good actions we take are less valuable if they are still surrounded by the mass conscious belief and actions that perpetuate the reality that anyone who lives over 100 is ancient.

"Your miraculous body is an incomparable temple of luminous, living light. If you take prudent care of your physical abode, it will take marvelous care of you."

~ Embrosewyn Tazkuvel, "22 Steps to the Light of Your Soul"


Once in a lifetime comes a book that can dramatically change your life for the better - forever. This is it! 

The controversial Oracles of Celestine Light, is a portal in time to the days of Yeshua of Nazareth, over 2000 years ago, revealed in fulfilling detail to the world by the reclusive Embrosewyn Tazkuvel. The trilogy includes 155 chapters of sacred wisdom, miracles and mysteries revealing life-changing knowledge about health, longevity, happiness and spiritual expansion that reverberates into your life today.
Oracles of Celestine Light: the Complete Trilogy of Genesis, Nexus and Vivus
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Could it be possible that there is a man alive on the Earth today that has been here for two thousand years? How has he lived so long? And why? What secrets does he know? Can his knowledge save the Earth or is it doomed?
Inception by Embrosewyn Tazkuvel
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This is a very special book to help you discover your inner glow of love. Inside you will find two great keys you will find no other place to successfully love yourself. These two keys will proactively bring you to the serenity of self-love regardless of whether you are currently near or far from that place of peace.
Love  Yourself by Embrosewyn Tazkuvel
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