Celestopea Banner  The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
~Eleanor Roosevelt



The modern world as a whole, will never be significantly or permanently changed by force of arms or power of persuasion, no matter how passionate. Successful example, however, is willingly emulated. History is replete with failed episodes of governments and institutions determinably trying to impose their will on others while fighting everything contrary to the way they decree to be correct. Any gains made this way always seem to be temporary. History is equally full of fortuitous moments where great, lasting advances in civilization were made after a successful technical or cultural improvement was discovered, which spread and was copied until it eventually benefited all the world.

Those of us who choose to become involved with Celestopea communities come from all walks of life. We are not segregated by the areas in which we differ, such as the color of our skin, our diplomas on the wall, our religious beliefs, or the relationship choices we make in our lives; rather, we are united by common beliefs and aspirations that bond us. We believe that we are not here merely to live and die, but that each of us is here to make a positive difference in this world.

By emulation of our example, it is the intention of Celestopeans to assist in significantly transforming the world to a higher level of universal health, education, and economic vitality, coupled with loving stewardship of our precious planet Earth. In the process, we hope the people of the world will begin to think of themselves more as citizens of the planet Earth before they think of themselves as citizens of a particular country; to unite themselves as citizens of a common world before separating themselves based upon their race, religious beliefs and/or cultures, realizing that as citizens of Earth, they have the responsibility to their posterity, of being good stewards by taking action to preserve and protect that which gives us life.

Many existing organizations work admirably toward these goals. Although progress has been made, these groups will never make the changes necessary to change the world on a massive scale because the vast majority of the world's people are not involved with these organizations. A worthy group with a noble goal is not enough. The only thing that will change the world is successful examples, on a grand scale, personally experienced by enough people, that a critical mass is reached in which a new consciousness rapidly expands across the planet.

As Celestopea chartered communities spread across the globe, they will benefit nearly every person on earth. Celestopean communities on land and sea will not only show social examples worth emulating, but will introduce innovative ways to achieve renewable, pollution-free, energy independence and sustainable and bounteous life upon the Earth.  People will look around at the new world we have helped create and ask, "Who are these Celestopeans?"

The concept of Celestopea does not have religious or existing governmental foundations, although the individual chartered communities are free to set up the structure of their communities along religious or political foundations if they feel that is an important aspect to insure the cohesiveness and success of their community.  However, all Celestopea communities are based upon fairness, respect, service to others, eco-friendly sustainability and practicality.

To help visualize the Celestopean communities, transport yourself into the words that follow. They explain some of the major aspects of Celestopean philosophy. As you envision the scenes that are described below, feel inside yourself to see if you are a kindred spirit. You may discover that you are one of the threads in the tapestry of Celestopea.

Imagine a prosperous, diverse, multiracial, multicultural, community of true and deep friends, where everyone has a high level of education, enjoys radiant health with superior health care, lives extraordinarily long lives, and lives in a beautiful community that seems to blend seamlessly with its environment. Crime is essentially unknown. Not only do most people not lock their doors, most doors do not even have locks.

This economy of the community is based upon Earth friendly, non-polluting industries and includes many things in the organic agriculture sector. There are also many wonderful art studios throughout Celestopea communities which are havens and meccas for artists. A large portion of Celestopeans are self-employed. To help finance the communities common needs every adult member tithes 1/0th of their income and 12 hours per week of their tie to the community.

The people of this city live in harmony with the earth and all of its creatures, taking sustenance as needed, but always giving back more than they take and always taking actions to increase the quality of their environment.

The residents may be of many different religious persuasions or some communities may be built with a common faith or spiritual base.

Education is emphasized and a large percentage of the community members have had post-high school education and many of the people hold college degrees. There are also a significant number of individuals with multiple degrees. Everyone is encouraged to always be taking at least one class, whether for pleasure or knowledge, and to continue their education for their entire life, and many classes are offered right in the community. It is not unusual to see a person in their 70's receiving their 1st or even 2nd college degree.

Even though many people have advanced education, there remains a complete respect for those who choose a different path. There is recognition that the inner voice inside each person is his or her very best guide. From that understanding comes an honoring of all paths that lead to personal expansion and growth.

In Celestopea communities, there is also an amazing curiosity among the people. Not just a thirst for formal knowledge, but a quick embrace of any area of self-improvement which benefits the individual.
As much as Celestopeans love learning, they love creative art even more. There is a strong belief among the members of the community of the importance of balance as an essential ingredient to personal growth. For every intellectual class that is offered at any school, there are two classes in all the varied arts offered. With a high, well balanced education, and a multicultural awareness that teaches respect for all, prejudice is unknown.

It can certainly be concluded that a visitor to a Celestopea community will be impressed, if not awed by all that is seen. It is likely that when he or she returns home, they will relate, in wonderment, all they saw to their friends and family. That astonishment will be like a ripple on a still pond and the energy for similar change will spread across the globe as more and more people begin to see themselves in a reality they had never conceived as possible.

Some additional attributes a visitor to Celestopea would notice are:

Celestopeans are balanced. They realize there is good within many philosophies; they are not fanatical about the life or behavior of others. They tend to have a "live and let live" attitude that is based upon the following precept; "we allow everyone to live their life according to the dictates of their own conscience, provided their actions do not infringe upon the life, health, or peace of others and are in keeping with the values of the community of which they are a part."

Celestopeans are not afraid of change. They understand that change is the one constant of the universe that is essential for continued growth.

As examples, in the context of balance:

Celestopeans accept the cutting of trees as an important and necessary harvest of a renewable resource, yet they will stand to protect ancient forests and the essential ecosystems of innocent forest dwellers.
Celestopeans accept the religious differences among people, and reject the fanaticism that denies respect to those of differing beliefs, or assumes that all other people must believe and act as they do, less they are somehow wrong, bad or evil.

Celestopeans are just. They believe that while mercy cannot rob fairness, the restitution meted out must consider the circumstances. For instance, if a heretofore honest person takes food to feed their starving family, they do not deserve the same treatment as someone who has done the same thing for a thoughtless thrill or on a habitual basis. Often times a heartfelt public apology to those wronged and a sincere plan of restitution is all the restitution necessary for minor offenses.

Celestopeans are not naïve enough to think that there will never be problems in our communities. Experience has demonstrated however, that high levels of education among the general populace, close family and community ties, and a vibrant full employment economy are cornerstones of peace and harmony. Celestopeans seek after and promote these ideals.

Celestopea communities have found that a healthy, harmonious and peaceful community is much easier to attain when alcohol, mind or mood altering drugs, tobacco products, and weapons whose main purpose is to take life, are kept out of the community.

Celestopeans believe the people are the highest law. If the community council passes an ordinance and a community member is accused and tried for breaking it, twelve fellow citizens will be asked to consider both the facts in the case and the correctness of the law. Though the person may in fact be guilty of breaking the ordinance, their fellow citizens have the right to reject the ordinance as unjust and find the person innocent, and by so doing invalidate the law in its current form.

Celestopeans are Stewards. Humans, are one of the highest forms of life on this planet, and the one that is the most capable of adapting to, changing or destroying environments.  Celestopeans understand that we have a unique and tremendous responsibility to all other life forms on the planet.

Celestopean's believe it is their duty to live in a way that is as eco-friendly as possible. Celestopeans consider it a sacred obligation to enlarge upon and enhance the life and ecosystems of the world, and to pass from life having left the world a more vibrant and ecologically sound place than they inherited.

This is Celestopea. Global exposure to the actualization of the ideals and innovations of Celestopea can help change the world.

"In non-judgmental respect, peacefully acknowledge that the divergent path others choose may be as right for them as the momentous one you have chosen is correct for you. To achieve abiding harmony and increasing growth in your life, continually look through the translucent eyes of others and see the challenging world as they see it that you may understand their ever-present hopes, dreams, fears and motivations. Though you may still disagree, in understanding their heart-felt perspective, you will not fear that which is different and in your valor, with eyes open and heart unchained, you will light the effervescent lives of all whom you touch."

~ Embrosewyn Tazkuvel, "22 Steps to the Light of Your Soul"
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